Doctors From anywhere

DocFromAnywhere (DFA) is an application that allows doctors to see patients globally.Thru DFA patients can talk to doctors from anywhere at any time. How does it work? Doctors from around the world signup to this aapplication to offer their services and patients also signup to the same system to receive services from doctors arounds the world. After signing up, both doctors and patients can communicate with each other easily.

DFA helps patients to search doctors near them by specialty or area of expertise. It will also show them who are available for service or not, their schedules or when they will be available again on the map and based on that information, patients will be able to schedule an appointment to visit doctors in-person or over video call.

DFA will manage all the doctors/service providers/physicians from one platform so that the quality of services for those physicians who register to our network can be managed. Our goal is to start with all kinds of physicians who want to serve at their own terms and willing to help patients globally. These physicians can turn on/off their services on the fly using our DFA app so that their status will be displayed as “Online”, “Away”, “Do Not Disturb” “See Schedule”, etc. Moreover, they will be able to see patients using our TeleDoc tool from anywhere at any time.

It will also be convenient for retired physicians or residents who need extra income but, can’t commit to a dedicated schedule of a clinics or hospitals. Moreover, physicians like those who can make time in between surgeries/patient care or while waiting for next patient to show up or there are several cancellations in the morning or afternoon, etc. Those doctors can change their status “Available” for patients to see their availability on the map.

How it works

Doctors From Anywhere

  • Doctors signup for our services from anywhere.

  • Doctors download our TeleDoc app to see patient remotely.

  • Doctors can see patients from anywhere at anytime.

  • Doctors use our Medical Practice Management Platform for accessing patients’ records.

  • Doctors utilize our Medical Practice Management Platform EMR/EHR and other tools for patient management, employee management and more.

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Patients From Anywhere

  • Patients signup for our services from anywhere.

  • Patients create their own profile and fill out all the medical forms required by physicians like medical history, personal & family history, insurance info etc.

  • Patients schedule appointment with doctors from our platform.

  • Patients see doctors from anywhere at anytime.

  • Patients share their medical records with doctors easily when they are ready to accept their service.

  • Patients can pay online too.

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Insurance Companies From Anywhere

  • Insurance companies can serve our registered patients from anywhere.

  • They can offer better rates and services thru our platform.

  • They can offer preventive services thru DFA.

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