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Recipe for Turkey Chops (Always best with filtered water.)

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From commercial to home use, there are many drinking water treatment systems available in the market today. Their efficiency depends on their principle of function and each of them is applicable in particular situations. It is important to know about them before choosing one for your home. While water is essential to life, a good system will save lives.

Jeevan offers a Filter System for Arsenic Levels Exceeding 20ppb

BJA-RCT Model is for water sources that exceed 20ppb of Arsenic up to 500ppb of Arsenic. Jeevan® BJA-RCT is a counter top purifier that uses a dual cartridge configuration. The first filter (cartridge JV-CT2) is specifically meant to remove most of the arsenic present in the water. The second filter (cartridge JV CT3) removes any trace of arsenic that may still be there, as it removes or reduces the inorganic and organic contaminants present in ground water. The filtrate from BJA-RCT has all the advantages of the single filter model, BJU-RCT with the advantage of removing up 500ppb of Arsenic.
Filter life: Cartridge I should be change every 6 months of after processing 2000 gallons, whichever occurs first. Cartridge II should be changed every 12 months of after processing 4000 gallons of water, whichever occurs first.

The Need for Safe Water Grows
Monday, 26 July 2010 09:59

There is nothing like a glass of cold water to quench thirst. Water is so vital it is called the elixir of life. But with increasing industrialization and urbanization, water sources are increasingly polluted. There are more than seventy five thousand chemicals, of which an estimated seven hundred are found in water, even after purification at the water plants. Moreover, Chlorine is used widely for purification of drinking water, as it kills bacteria, which is good but....

But Chlorine also reacts with other compounds in water to produce chemical compounds that are collectively known as DBPs. Quite a few of these DBPs are powerful carcinogens and one should not overlook the fact that chlorine itself is a strong carcinogen and is almost always present in tap water.
Presence of toxic chemicals and bacteria in tap water makes sensational news every now and then, but nothing is done to produce safer water at the tap as a result the best solution is to purify at the tap.

The Solution:
The Jeevan® Water Filter is the answer for convenient and inexpensive water purification at the tap. The Jeevan Water Filter® removes (or reduces) contaminants to safe levels, as recommended by the USEPA. Drink Jeevan® filtered water for health, long life and Peace of Mind.

Community Effort in NC
Monday, 26 July 2010 10:03

We are part of the local community and would like to promote some of the local activities here to make our community a better place to live and work.

  • Please visit Broadband for Everyone NC. They are promoting Ultra High Speed Internet availability to all the communities of North Carolina, which have fallen behind. This Ultra high-speed Internet access and has become a proven generator of commerce in a communities economic growth. Ultra high speed internet would help greatly to bring the new world's economies (jobs) to NC.