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Installation Diagram:

Counter Top Installation Instruction:

1. Carefully remove and inspect your new filter systems for any possible transportation damage.

2. Position main unit on your sink counter close enough to the sink to insure that excess water will properly drain.

3. Unscrew your existing faucet nozzle and replace it with your diverter valve assembly (you may need adapter).

4. Slowly turn on your water,

  • Check diverter connections for water tight seal (O-ring gasket seal should be included in the top of your diverter valve)

  • With your cold water on, pull Diverter valve knob. This will by pass your faucet and enable full water flow to your filter.

  • Check for proper water tight seal on all tubing and filter connections.

  • As the first water begins to flow, you may notice a small amount of carbon dust will pass through. Allow the water to run for 1 minute before drinking. (Note: This is only required first time only and it is not necessary when used Daily).

  • To Shut off the filter, simply turn off the faucet first, the diverter valve is spring loaded. It will close automatically when the water supply is shut off. Do not push the diverter knob closed as this may cause damage to the internal parts.


Your filter systems is designed for cold water application only, do not run hot water to run through this filter systems



The life of your filter will depend upon the quality of your water. To ensure that high quality, it is recommended that you replace your filter cartridge annually, or sooner if the quality of water decreases.

Replacement Diagram:

Filter Replacement Instructions:

After 12 months or 3,500 gallons, which ever occurs first, it is time to replace the filter cartridge.

But if there is a sudden change of flow, taste, or color the cartridge is due for a change.

1. Purchase the replacement filter cartridge part number; JV-CT1 water filter.

2. Over the sink, hold the base with one hand turn the housing counter clockwise with the other hand.

3. Let the water drain and remove the old filter cartridge. Slide in new cartridge.

4. Ensure gasket is in place before securing housing to the base.

5. Turn on cold water, pull Diverter valve knob. As the first water begins to flow, you may notice a

small amount of carbon dust, this will pass through in a minute. Allow the water to run for 1 minute

before drinking, the first time only. It is not necessary when used regularly.

6. Go back to regular use.