Did u know?

“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine”. US Council of Environmental Quality.

“Drinking tap water that is chlorinated is hazardous, if not deadly, to your health”. Healthy water for longer life- Dr. Martin Fox

“48-49 states are failing to adequately enforce existing drinking water regulations”. US Environmental Protection Agency- James Elder

“Drinking chlorinated water may double the risk of bladder cancer”. National Cancer Institute – Kenneth Cantor

“Scientists discovered that chlorine reacts with organic material in water to produce hundreds of chemical by-products, several of which have proved, in animal studies, to be carcinogenic”. US News and World Report – July 29, 1991.

“Florida had 521 excessive contaminants violations and 5,250 monitoring and reporting violations”. National Resources Defense Council – USA Today, September 27, 1993.

These are just a few of many warnings coming from the scientific community showing that water found in the tap is not suitable for drinking but can cause toxicity and cancer. It is estimated that there are more than 72,500 chemicals used and more than 700 of them have been found in water, many are toxic and/or cancer causing. They contaminate the surface water and through seepage find their way into the ground water.

As the industrialization and population increased the demand for clean water grows. But growing industrialization also increases pollution, as well as, reduce the sources clean water, this isoccurring at a menacing rate.

The only answer to this problem is to remove the contaminants at the point-of-use (faucet).  Research in water purification has found a very versatile material that is superior to active carbon, and Biorem International, Inc., has produced the unique water purifier, Jeevan® Water Filter, to give the desired peace of mind