The Best Water at a Great Price


Jeevan® Water Filter, Lets you drink with Confidence!

Jeevan”, in Sanskrit, means life, and we all know water is essential for life. That is why Jeevan® Water Filter is making waves in providing the best drinking water for your health at a great price.

Water from a Jeevan® Water Filter tastes great, while purifing your well or city water. The Jeevan® Water Filter removes: chlorine, arsenic, chromi­um, iron, lead, mercury, and other toxic heavy metals, as well as pesticides, herbicides, deter­gents, chlorinated organic compounds, bacteria, cysts, viruses, and more. But Jeevan® Water Filters allow many of the beneficial minerals that are essen­tial for good health and great taste to pass through.

Jeevan® can do all this for a few cents a gallon, due to the long life of the product. 

Jeevan® Water Filter Cartridge life is 3,500 gallons or one year, which ever occurs first. This is accomplished by the use of a patented material known as redox medium, and a specially prepared coconut shell charcoal. Each filter cartridge can supply all the cooking and drinking and cooking water needed, for a typical family of four, for a year. Typical life of a cartridge is 3,500 gallons of purified water, or one year.

Jeevan® Water Filters use a unique *5-stage purification filter, developed in Houston, Texas. The filter is made from the best materials, approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Jeevan is registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Jeevan® products are made in the USA.

Advantages of Jeevan®:

1. It is safe and laboratory tested,

2. It will provide water as needed, (on demand), no storage, transfer, or containers needed.

3. It is portable.

4. It is easily connected to kitchen faucets and does not require any special tools.

5. It does not require electricity. ­

6. It does not allow any bacteria to grow inside, like other carbon filters. It is bacteriostatic .

7. It retains the natural nutrients in water while removing other harmful elements, which makes “ Jeevan ” water fresh and healthy.


*Jeevan® was developed by Biorem International Inc., located in Houston, Texas.